7 Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas to Delight the Teens

7 Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas to Delight the Teens


18th birthday is most special for any teen as they set foot into adulthood “officially”. It is a custom among teens to celebrate their 18th birthday a bit differently. Some try new things for the first time, others might throw a party. In a nutshell, the importance of the occasion can be understood from enthusiasm. Celebration of such a milestone should be marked with a remarkable gift that has a personal touch. To help you find the perfect gift we have created this guide with our picks for best 18th birthday gift ideas that can surely cheer any teen turning 18.

Want to put together something memorable? This is the guide for just that. We believe each child is unique and this uniqueness can be best celebrated with a custom gift that sends a meaningful and loving message. Therefore we have gathered some unusual 18th birthday gift ideas. We have separated the list of best 18th birthday gift ideas into sections to help you with the search.

Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Engraved 18th Birthday Key

Engraved Lilac 18th Birthday Key

The first on our list of best 18th birthday gift ideas is a engraved and studded key with an “18” figure on it. It is a perfect piece to commemorate her special day. The particular key comes in two colors and a small plate to engrave the name and date of birth of the birthday girl. It is one of the best 18th birthday gift ideas as it is a timeless gift that she can keep even when she is 80. Also, check out the engraved key is also available with diamante crystals.

Personalized 18th Birthday Mug For Her

Personalised 18th Birthday Mug For Her

The next gift that was made to our list of gift ideas for 18th birthday girl, is the personalized mug. This is the one gift that anyone of any age would love to have. The mug can be customized to include a name along with a small birthday message. Skip the usual greeting card and send your greetings through this personalized gift.

Birthday Gift Jade Block for a Girl

Birthday Gift Jade Block for a Girl

Not sure about sending your birthday wishes through a mug? Well, we have more options so you don’t have to switch to basic greeting cards. This jade can be engraved with the name and a short “with love message”. The back of the block is also engraved with hearts to enhance the front engraving. The jade block for boys is available with an engraved star background.

Personalized Teddy Bear

Personalised Birthday Light Brown Teddy Bear

Plush toys, stuffed animals, teddy bears- every girl of any age love them! What could be better than a soft toy? A toy engraved with your name and happy wishes.  The personalized teddy has space for a total of 40 characters, where you can add the name of the birthday girl with an 18th birthday greeting message.

Engraved Trinket Box

Birthday Engraved Trinket Box


Now you can gift a gorgeous trinket box with an engraved name to add charm in storage places. The mini storage box can store the memories of the day for years. The engraved name makes the box more exclusive and gives an elegant look.  Combine this with the engraved key from our list of best 18th birthday gift ideas to make the prettiest gift combinations.

Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Looking for a momentous gift that is fun and functional?  This part of our list covers the best 18th birthday gift ideas suitable for teen boys. While most gifts are for both girls and guys, our list includes items that can mark the transition from boyhood into manhood in a special way.

Boxed Birthday Hipflask

Presentation Boxed Birthday Hipflask

One of the most exciting parts of turning 18 is drinking legally. To celebrate the occasion with a personalized drinking gift, you can opt for an engraved hip flask. It comes with a pouring funnel and the option to either customize or gift with a happy birthday message. You can check out the engraved product here.

Party Cocktail Shaker

Party Cocktail Shaker

Without a doubt, drinking gifts are always included as some of the best 18th birthday gift ideas. Therefore we have added another personalized one to the list. Make legal drinking more exciting by encouraging the hobby of making cocktails at home. It is a fun art with scope for a lot of experimentation and delicious results.  The personalized touch by engraving the name or initials on the cocktail shaker.

Personalized Pillowcase

Personalised Birthday Established (Year) Pillowcase for Him

Gift something cozy and personal with a comfy pillowcase with a short birthday message printed on it. The pillowcase has a funny Established (year) section where you can add the birth year of the birthday boy and include his name as well. Although we have picked out this gift as one of the best 18th birthday gift ideas for boys, the gift also has designs for girls. You can check out some of them here.


To conclude, these are our best suggestions for some unusual 18th birthday gift ideas for him and her. As the teens make their transition to adulthood and celebrate the same, you can add more memories with these sentimental and personalized gifts. You can also get creative with your birthday message engraving. We suggest adding a beautiful quote or an inside joke from funny memory that you would cherish for life. While we have divided the list into two, any gift from both sections can work for both girls and boys.

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